C'est la Vie 2

watch_later Tuesday, 20 September 2016
<< continued from Part 1

"Have you started collecting the assignment?"
 I yelled out to my course rep who was across the road.
 My course rep couldn't hear me.
I turned to her, she was already squeezing her face, I understood, time had gone. I rubbed her cheek,
"Abeg I'm coming iya, lemme cross and see if I can submit this assignment so I won't have anything distracting me when we enter school for your Post Ume iya".
She managed to smile and say
 "Two seconds oh"
"Yes madam"
The road was a very rough one so I carefully crossed to the other side to meet up with my course rep.
"Is that your sister?" She asked.
"Yes my adorable little sister"
 I turned back to look at her and I smiled.
 "So, the assignment, can I submit now because of her?"
"Okay she's here for the Post Utme?"
"Yes, Yes"
"No problem, you'll be the first sha. Chill let me bring out the envelope where I'll keep it", she reached for her bag.
"Thank y...."
 I was cut short by the screeching sound of a car and the people that screamed, "Eiiiiiiyyyy!!"
Turning back, I didn't see her..

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