C'est la Vie 3

watch_later Friday, 23 September 2016
<< continued from Part II

I flung my assignment as I ran across the road, my heart beating very fast. I got to where the crowd had started forming. Some people rained curses on a particular man,
"Mumu driver, onyeiberibe, you don kee person pikin"
"Ewu, useless man, na who dash you car wey you never reach to drive"
Others shook theirs heads as they observed the scene.
   Getting closer, I became paralyzed with fear and shock as I saw her in lying in the pool of her own blood!
"No! No! No! No!"
I pushed my way through the crowd, violently pushing away people that tried to stop me. My

vision was blurred with tears and my hands were shaking as I grabbed  her bloody body, convincing myself that it could not be lifeless. 

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