C'est La Vie

watch_later Thursday, 15 September 2016
I was awaken by her light taps on my cheek, she loved waking me up that way, it was tiring but at the same time sweet.

"Wake up oh, it's my Post Utme day".

My initially blurred vision was now cleared as I rolled over to check the time on my phone. It was 4:45am.I looked at her and she was already dressed as she delightedly struggled to comb her wooly hair. Sitting up, I smiled at her, so full of life, she was so excited to move on to the next stage of her life, the University.

 "Please let us dress alike so that they would know that you're my sister", she smiled as she said this.

 Adjusting my towel and picking up my sponge I said
 This girl, doesn't tension ever get close to you? On an exam day you're excited and you're thinking about matching outfits
"It doesn't still change my destiny. What will be will be. If GOD wants me to pass, no Jupiter can stop that. Biko if I just let tension get the upper hand, no be today oh"

I smiled, she made so much sense and was full of so much hope, even after getting a JAMB score of 181/400. I loved her so much, she was my baby. I really prayed for her to get this admission. We could already see it; it was going to be so much fun for the both of us!
                                                 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"Are you sure you wouldn't wait for your father so he would drop you girls before heading to work?""No mummy, we are already late, it's almost 6:00am and the exam is by 7:00am"I looked at them, mummy and her as they debated. We all knew that nothing was going to be happening by 7:00am but well, I didn't want to kill her vibe.After much hesitation, our first lady, our mother kissed us goodbye after giving us money for our transport, and we were on our way to the "University of Nigeria, Nsukka"

To  be continued............
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