C'est La Vie 4

watch_later Monday, 3 October 2016
 <<continued from part 3

  I screamed at the people around me but I couldn't even hear what I was saying. I tried to let different words out;
"Someone call a taxi! Call a taxi! Call an ambulance please! Don't let her die!"
I never saw this coming. Regret and sorrow rushed through my blood.

   If only wishes were horses, I would never have left her at the other side of the road. If wishes were horses, I would never have let her out of my sight.
 If wishes were horses, she would be seated right next to me in daddy's car and we would be on our way to school for her Post U.T.M.E.
 But I remembered what she had said that morning
"Nothing can change my destiny. What will be will be"
But I had a question,
"Was this her destiny or could it mean that she had already fulfilled her destiny?"
This is a question for you, Reader, and even myself.
This is because you do not know what's going to hit you next so, do you know your destiny and have you fulfilled it?
 You can't predict your tomorrow my dear, Such is life - C'est la Vie.

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