Devil in Agbada

watch_later Monday, 10 October 2016
   They all judged me because of what I did. What were they expecting a girl with a high CGPA to do when her parents die in her Year 3 first semester in the hands of a drunk driver, leaving in her intensive care 4 demanding younger ones?
  What were they expecting me to do? Praise the LORD?
They judged me when I wore expensive clothes, they judged me when I used big phones, they judged me when they saw me in his car and still judged me when I drove my own car. Their judgement was evident in the way they looked at me, but their judgement was the least of my problems.
  I had bigger problems his mouth odour anytime he pecked me or anytime he asked me to pass the pillow. I worried about his enormous pot belly and hated the fact that doing this was my only option.
I loved him each time he shoved stacks of money into my hands. "Big Daddy" I would call him while planting kisses on his cheeks.
But I hated him each time he would return back to his wife and make me feel worthless, make me feel like a prostitute whose feelings didn't matter.
  I hated him each time he came to our usual meeting place drunk and he ripped my clothes and threw himself on me.
  I hated him because he never told me that he was destroying my destiny as there was a spiritual implication of what we did.
  And I hated him mostly because he never told me about JESUS and that what we were doing was wrong in the eyes of the Creator of Heaven and Earth.
  He never mentioned anything about the church to me, the church he went to every sunday with his wife and kids and I didn't realize.

I didn't understand why I could only see him on Sunday evenings when he would walk through the door smiling, putting on his agbabda, his pot belly bulging out and giving the agbada a different look. That agbada that had a stench. I growled with irritation anytime I saw anyone on Agbada, thanks to him..
  But thanks to JESUS, the one I met when I secretly followed him to a crusade he went for with his wife and kids.
Thanks to JESUS, a friend I found, the only one that never judged me.
Now I'm back on my feet again, I've come back to my senses. I can now pick up the pieces of my shattered life and put them back together with HIS blood, the one that washes away even the deadliest sin.
Thanks to JESUS, the one who has made me learn the lessons to be learnt and derive even the littlest joy from every mistake I made,  including my baby girl...

  Thanks to JESUS, the one who saved me from  the Devil In Agbada.

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