Don't Say/Say

watch_later Sunday, 16 October 2016

Hello darlings, what's up?

Please don't ask me what's up too so I don't have to tell you what happened.
Wellll..since I have a big mouth I guess I'll just spill it..

    So I and my siblings were preparing to go to church and my ears could not seem to be deaf to....uhhh, some serious grammatical errors. 

  While I struggled to comb my tangled hair, my brother quickly got up and headed to the bathroom and my little sis was like,

"Kelvin! Wait na, I want to goan baff"

and my brother was like,
"I'm just going to wee oh"

And I couldn't help but say to them,

" Don't Say: I want to goan baff
             Say: I want to have my bath"

"Don't Say: I'm just going to wee
            Say: I'm just going to use the rest     room"

Oh my, at that point, if the eyes had bullets, about a 100 could have been buried in my chest because my siblings turned to me with THAT- look( you know that look right?)

My brother snapped at me,
" Please Please take your time, the talk wasn't between me and you o jare!"
and I said while shifting away from my brother,

"Pardon me please but
Don't Say: The talk wasn't between me and you
   Say: The talk wasn't between you and me"

Well, to cut the long story short, I'm locked out of my house. I've been here for sometime.

 I'll see what happens next but till then, please practice all you've learnt.

          Speak differently and stand out!

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