Don't Say/Say

watch_later Saturday, 8 October 2016

So this week, the Don't Say/Say piece is coming on a Saturday and since I love writing stories, I decided to present it in the form of a story too
         ....and here goes nothing..
        So one day I was at the market with my mum and we had been walking under the sun for about 30 minutes trying to buy a particular item. Now don't get me wrong, that item was all over the market but my sweetheart of a mother had been bargaining with the traders of that item in order to buy the item which was originally sold at 1000Naira for 250Naira.
       And so we got to a particular trader and in the course of the bargain, mum was like

                 " So how much last?" 
.....and I was so tempted to tell her,
"Don't say : How much last
            Say : What's the least price"
       Now when my mum had finally settled for a particular price, she took out her purse to bring out some money to pay. As she slipped the Naira notes out of her purse, one of the 200Naira notes fell and I accidentally stepped on it.
And what did she scream??
"Raise up your leg, you're matching the money!!"
      As I quickly picked the money up, I desired to make two corrections but I feared the dirty slaps that would have come my way. But I still itched to tell her
"Don't say: Raise up your leg
             Say: Raise your leg"
You can't use "raise" and "up" together, that'll be tautology.
    I also thought of a more polished way she could have put the other half of the sentence but I could already foresee the slaps being thrown across my face if I told her at that point and place. 

And I wished she could read the inscriptions on my heart which were,
"Don't say: You're matching the money
            Say: You're stepping on the money"

    But I promise you, next time I'll correct her but I'll ensure that I'm far away from where her hands can get to and I have a sure escape route.
       Till then, make sure you practice the new things you've learnt.

Remember: Speak Better and Stand Out!

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