Don't Say/Say

watch_later Friday, 21 October 2016

Don't Say/ Say

  Once upon a time, in a land far away, a respected young man lifted up his head, opened his mouth, smiled brightly revealing his gap teeth and said 

"I look forward to meet you"     


Brother why? With your fine gap teeth 😮?

I know some of us might not even know that his sentence is wrong and you're like

"Ehen what happened to what he said?"
But you see, I wanted to tell him,

"Don't say: I look forward to meet you
            Say: I look forward to meeting you"

But I respected myself, because somebody will now come and say that I can do Amebo business, like that girl that told me that I'm still a novice here and she has been here since three months and I told her,

"Don't say: I have been here since three months.
            Say: I have been here for three months."

My dear oh, I'm still paying the price for my so-called amebo-business and it is paining me. Lol, don't follow me oh,

"Don't Say: It is paining me
           Say: It hurts me     
              It is giving me pain"

Take care of yourself reader while I continue carrying my cross :'( 

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