Happiness would become us- Aleruchi Wichendu

watch_later Monday, 3 October 2016

She sat awakened

In the terror of her unending quagmire
Living on borrowed minutes she was  preparing
hungrily for the package unknown
Staggering from yesterday's unrest
She had yet aged again with nothing to show
Besides the wrinkles that be seated her aging crust
She had lived some good years but still that didn't make up for the void she feels,
Drulling in pain she was living in the cheerless delight that consumed her
She forgot who she was,
She was a fighter She was a warrior She was a mother, a leader
She was.... Nigeria the beautiful nation that beyond all odds has stood together for 56years... With more hopeful years to come
Smile Nigeria 56 looks good on you While we await together on bended knee
..Happiness would become us...

                                                                                                - Aleruchi Wichendu

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