Hilarious Thursday

watch_later Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Here are some crazy memes that are funny because they are true☺

1.) Firstly, I was talking with my overly sarcastic friend;

Friend: Lemme go to the class abeg.
Me: What's happening there?
Friend: We are having choir practice with the professor.
2.)   We were on our own when our mother came back from the market and asked us to arrange the items she bought;
Us :  Mummy where should we keep the chicken that you bought?
Mum: Keep it on my head! We would    have  to take you people to special school for sense.
3.) Remember those good old days
And you'll be like 
"1.) Amaka (×100)"

4.) Now lerrus be sincere, 

I'll sing "My life is in your hands by Kirk Franklin"

5.) Uhhhh..
I don't mean to be too churchy buh all those gym-thingies you lift ain't gon take you to heaven...Just saying๐Ÿ˜’

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