watch_later Thursday, 6 October 2016

You know there's something delightful about dry jokes. So I was like, why don't we share some not-so-funny jokes that Nigerians love and can relate to, here every Thursday😊.
        .......and  I am particularly excited about this😁

• What would you call a very old tree....?


   An adultery👴

• My teacher said I should be Out-Standing,

  ......so I decided to come OUTside and STAND..

•  Me: (sees that it's drizzling) I can't go out it's raining
   Friend: Hian! This small rain?  Let's go abeg are you salt?
   Me: Yes oh! Matthew 5:13 clearly says that I am the salt of the Earth 💁
• So I was filling my Jamb form with mum.....
   Me: Mum what should I fill for the course, I want to be a fashion designer.
        If I design your face ehn!!! If I design your face, you'll goan read Medicine!!!

So I'm hoping that you add yours in the comment box below..

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