Indulgence - Shammah Kamalo

watch_later Tuesday, 6 December 2016

I am a sapling in need of nutrients,
A Fledgling in need of experience.
I yearn to satisfy this urge,
My entire being aches to fill this void.
Try as I may to ignore this temptation,
I continue to crave for the sensation.
Needless to say, I'm attuned to my feelings;
Years of habitation in this earthly vessel has taught me endless wanting.
I want this, now that, no those,
Please NO!
I have tried to satisfy this gut,
Given it all I've got.
But on and on, new cravings emerge,
Seductively calling to the hunger within;
pleading for more,
It wants my soul.
Should I give in to its pull?
Should I acquiesce to its call?
T'is not as though T'is my first time,
Why bother my head with thoughts of the consequence.
No one else has to know,
T'will be our little secret,
Just my heart and I would know,
We will be discrete.
As long as I cure this emptiness.
I always thought I had no choice,
Believed I had no other option but for this quick escape.
Little did I know there was a better path,
A way to get rid of this itching rash,
That needs a constant scratch.
All I had to do was submit my will.
If I had known that was the drill.
A cure for my avarice,
"not giving in to the pleasures of the flesh"
So therefore, I mortify mine as well.
I now see it was just me giving in,
Out of my ignorance;
it was my, INDULGENCE.
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