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   You must kill the killer, if not the killer will kill you! (John 10:10). If you show the killer mercy, you might end up becoming killed by the killer. The killer here does not show you mercy because he is heartless and very wicked!

His name is Death! He has a brother who is called Sin!

God sent his only begotten Son Jesus Christ on a mission to come to the earth to kill the killer (Sin and death) with his own precious blood! There is only one weapon that could achieve this goal. Only this aggressive weapon of mass destruction could terminate the works of sin and death!
Jesus Christ is the only Commander of the hosts of heaven who could defeat the one who holds the power of the grave! The person called Satan has succeeded in killing many and sending them to their early graves.
The great commander of the hosts of heaven (the lord of hosts) must go to the cross of Calvary and lay down his life to redeem you from Sin and death! Now that Jesus has paid the price with his precious blood to redeem you to life, do you still ignore the work of Christ on the cross? Do you love the deadly embrace of sin and death? Do you commit whoredom with Sin and death? The pleasures of darkness are deadly killers!

Some of the tools of hell (destruction) are fornication, adultery, hatred, drunkenness, masturbation, jealousy, malice, lies, unforgiveness, stealing and covetousness, gossip etc.

Now that we have the ultimate weapon to kill our enemies, then why show mercy to poverty?  Why show mercy to fornication?  Why show mercy to sickness? Why show mercy to the works of darkness? They are our enemies! 

To succeed my beloved, you must bury them all. The name and the blood of Jesus Christ can triumph over these wicked enemies. Show no mercy my brother. Show no mercy my sister. Jesus Christ as our perfect commander has nailed sin and death to the cross! He killed them without mercy. He was merciless to Satan and his demons! He kills and makes alive! He said it is finished!

David also killed his enemy (Goliath).

Let the stone of God strike their foreheads and bring your enemies to the grave!
Refuse to be sick! Refuse to be stagnant! Refuse to be a failure! Refuse to be jobless! Refuse to be powerless! Refuse to be fearful and abominable! Refuse to be an ordinary man or woman! Refuse to be an ordinary boy or girl! Refuse to be worried! Refuse to be depressed! You have the ultimate power to tread upon snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19). Let them die! Refuse to be poor in spirit! Refuse the wicked grip of Satan! Resist the devil and he will flee from you! 

Kill your enemies and make sure they don't breath in your spirit, soul and body! Make them breathless in your life! They also live within wicked men and women. You must suffocate the enemies! 
Remember your enemies are not flesh and blood (i. e man or woman, boy or girl).

 The Lord will empower you with his sophisticated weapons of spiritual warfare to engage Satan and his ugly devils (your enemies) in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

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