The Truth

watch_later Tuesday, 25 October 2016

             "THE TRUTH"


  •                 I See him as someone as who brings out

                         SOMETHING from NOTHING

                            SENSE  from NONSENSE

                      BREAKAGE from   BONDAGE

                          LIVING  from  NON-LIVING

               Can make you

            STANDARD and not SUB-STANDARD 

           FLATTERED and not BATTERED

        Sometimes i cant just help but laud him for his

    • Every time am in his presence not just in his SANCTUARY, its something

      done HABITUALLY so we dont find ourselves in the MORTUARY that 

      lead to eternal suffering and in hell while we have blessings awaiting in 

      heaven why dont we have this earthly sacrifice for heaven otherwise we

             know the CONSEQUENCE let our CONSCIENCE be our judge


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