To be a Graceful and Confident Lady...

watch_later Wednesday, 19 October 2016
            There's a whole lot to put in, in order to be a graceful and confident lady but!!! there's a whole lot to get out of it too☺
  Whether 10 or 52, 5 or 82, being a Lady is definitely something you can do😘

   To Be Confident.
Rule No 1:
  Know Your Worth
This is a fact. Take sometime to think about this, you're the child of The MOST HIGH.

Rule No 2:
Be Proud of Your Worth

Be proud of who you are too.
You've got to be your Number one fan.

Rule No 3:
Maintain Your Identity - Be Who You Are!
Believe it or not, this is the peak of confidence.
Don't desire to be someone else, at all!!

As a Lady would Do
Ladies are not born, they are made. Being a woman does not make you a lady.

To be Graceful:

Rule No 1:
Be Well Read

Shocking right?
Poise matters on the inside as much as it does on the outside. You have to be well read to be well fed with the secrets of being a lady. 
If  not, why would You, yes you, reader, why would you be reading this?
It's very important, funny but true..

Rule No 2:
Mind That Posture

Walking and sitting up straight are signs of a true lady. It'll take some training to get used to especially if you're used to slouching.

*Remember the tradition of walking with a book placed on our heads to achieve a straightened back, neck kept at an angle and head held high? An Oxford dictionary would do( just saying)
* Just so you know, Ladies cross their legs at their ankle, not at the knee as it can be revealing to cross the legs at the knee.

Rule No 3:
Be a Pineapple
As a lady, be a pineapple 
* Wear your crown
*Stand Tall
*Be Sweet on the inside

*Proverbs 31: 26- " ..when she speaks she has something worthwhile to say, and she says it kindly"
*Always say thank you when someone does you a favor, it shows the person that it's appreciated *winks*
*Ladies never use foul languages!
*Always compliment whoever you come in contact with.

* It doesn't matter whether it's a man or a woman, offering to hold the door open for other people is respectful, friendly and Sweet.

I wouldn't go into the dinning etiquette for now but I hope everything said is put into practice.

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