Violet - Prologue

watch_later Wednesday, 19 October 2016

"I'm sorry Madam but your little boy's condition is getting worse and I'm afraid that at this rate he might just have a few days to live.....uhh....not even up to a wee..."

"No! No! Doctor no, pleas..."


The doctor placed my head on her shoulder. She tried to keep me as quiet as possible because we were just outside the door of my little boy's ward.
  I understood that I had to be strong for him but this was hard. I cried so hard on her shoulder, soaking her lab coat with tears,

"Doctor, I can't do this"

"I know you can't" she said, "but you have to, do this for your little boy okay?"
     I finally dried up my eyes and composed myself as I turned to enter his ward. My heart froze when I heard him sing a song I taught him when he was much younger,

"...step by step into heaven when I die.."

    I walked quickly to the side of his bed as he held my right-hand with his two hands and continued singing like he was talking to me,

"..if heaven were a place that money could buy
The rich would go and  poor will stay
I thank my LORD who will take my soul
into heaven when I die.."

I was trying so hard to breathe,

"My baby?.."

"Mummy you'll be fine when I'm gone"


He laughed at my surprise and said,

"The doctor didn't exactly have a lowered voice you know. I heard her, I heard everything"

I could see the fear in his eyes, my baby was scared and there was nothing I could do about it but be strong, and it was hard.
 I ran to the window as my vision was blurring with tears. I covered my mouth as I sobbed.

Who could help? I needed help, I couldn't possibly handle this on my own, something had to happen......

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