RCCG Rivers Province 8 celebrates Family Weekend in a Grand style👏

watch_later Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Family Weekend which is celebrated by all Redeem Churches all over the world was beautifully observed by RCCG Rivers Province 8.
    This year's Family Weekend took place from Thursday 17th of November to Sunday 20th of November and it had the theme "Family in HIS Fullness".

  It was indeed a beautiful weekend. Children, Teenagers, Youths and Elders came together to make this successful as they partook in activities like Drama ministration,

 Choir ministration, and some Teenagers and Youths even got the opportunity to share the word of GOD during the Special Faith Clinic.

  We had a swell time in GOD's presence as we had picnics,

 football matches, e.t.c.  And the refreshments? They were very plenty!!

   And so after such a successful weekend we had no other choice than to give to GOD ALMIGHTY the Glory that belongs to HIM as we had thanksgiving. 

Children, Teenagers, Youths and Adults dressed beautifully in unique outfits,

 it was indeed a site to behold!
  Not just that, some secrets from the bible were shared with us as our Pastors grabbed the mic. I'll share some; We were told that every family is named after GOD, blessed, redeemed, protected and is commanded to be fruitful and to take charge over everything on the surface of this Earth! Did you know that before? I think not😌. 

We also got to know about some limitations to these packages like division, disobedience, unbelief and being unequally yoked!

Well to cut the long story short, this was indeed a beautiful family weekend😘😘

Who deserves this glory????

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