And she came, Hello December..

watch_later Monday, 5 December 2016
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    Few days down the line, as the breeze brushed past my hair, the Harmattan breeze, I asked myself "When will She come?"

   I couldn't wait much longer for her to come, the most awaited visitor of the year.
  Each time she arrived, she brought Joy, Excitement, Laughter, Unity and Peace, and I wondered why....

  And then that morning, I woke up and I was happy for no reason. The air was fresher, the day was really bright and the sun winked at me. I noticed that there was definitely something different about that morning and then my confirmation came, a text from a loved one "Happy New Month!" it read. O.M.G!!! She was here! She came! She finally came!

Hello December!!!
     Hope you know that you are a really special Visitor to us,........ and why? Because we chose to mark an extremely special occurrence in your season, The Birth of our Savior, JESUS CHRIST!! HE came to die so that we can be redeemed from the guilt, shame and wages gotten from Sin.
    You're indeed welcome but please be nice! Remind everyone to be happy for no reason, care, share and show love to those who NEED it.

   Remind our bank accounts and that of our parents that it's time to get those things we've always desired so our Angels in charge of that can do the needful.
  And most importantly, remind us of the reason for the season, JESUS CHRIST and HIS LOVE so we can remember to stay away from sin as we should live for HIM since HE died for us.

Dear Reader,
"What does CHRISTMAS mean to you?"
Think deeply about it.
..and one more thing, CHRISTMAS is a time to Share, love, make amends, care and ponder on the Great Love of the FATHER, so let's go with the flow.

Happy New Month to You!!!!

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