Lily Among Thorns

watch_later Thursday, 16 February 2017

"I am Beautiful I am rare
But no one knows of the scars I bear
They are unseen They are hidden
Obtained because my choices were forbidden"
                                                  -The Lily

"I've fought this far,
True, you've torn me at most places and blanched me at others.
Still, I continue to rise, my resolve unquenched and strength renewed.
I can't give in to you,
No! I'll not become like you;
Brown ugly sticks with sharp points.
I remain the beauty I was made to be,

                                   - Shammah Kamalo

"The lily has been scorched by the thorns
I am that lily amongst thorn
And I remembered the words of my  mum
And the tears began!"

                                                 -Great Ope

"I have scars because of the challenges I faced
I have scars because I fell way too many times
But I am finally up and nothing can bring me down again
I have become A Lily Among Thorns
And I am Beautiful  I am Rare"

                                -Shalom Wichendu

Join the RCCG Rivers Province 8 Teens this Saturday, the 18th of February for

LILY AMONG THORNS : Priceless Love

By: 11am prompt

Venue : RCCG Passover Mega Parish,location junction Port Harcourt.

Dress code: Jean with a touch of red or white(if you have none, come as you are😊)

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