LIFE(Spoken Words)

watch_later Friday, 24 February 2017


           Every time you are troubled
           Your faith has to be doubled
               And you have to belief 
           that there will be a relief
of problems  and continue to sing to God                          Gospel anthems.
Life is two sided though mostly evil abided
and its our job to stand out and not stand with others, to be in form and never flop
                to always be in luck
                 and never be stuck
      To always be a stranger to danger.
  There is no in between in life, its either                   you are in-it or out-of-it
             With God or with gods
In love with God's word or in love with                            God's world
          In purity or Pure dirty.

              Life is good and bad
       About winning and loosing
               Being holy or unholy
       about falling or standing in faith
It's all about how you choose to interprete it
       And what foot print you leave behind.


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