What does "Happiness" mean? - Shalom Woroma Wichendu

watch_later Thursday, 16 February 2017

I used to be that girl
Happy about life

Really fun to be with
I laughed at everything funny

Glad about every part of me
Blessed with a loving family

Funny brothers to crack me up
Caring sisters to coach me

Mum was adorable
And dad was the bomb

And I said to myself
"This is Happiness"
Not until 21st October 1990

When I lost everything and Everyone
My "Happiness" was gone

Drying my eyes on the funeral day
I told myself
"You would never be happy again"

2 months later
Missionaries came to the orphanage home I was sent to

 And taught about JESUS and a song about Happiness
Then I asked myself
"What does Happiness mean?"

And I got the answer
Yes! Right after giving my life to JESUS

Even though I was now an orphan
And I lived in an orphanage home

I had a Change of mindset and behavior
I was now happy

They called it, "The Joy of my Salvation"
And each time I had questions about Happiness,

These words of the song the missionaries taught spoke to me:

Happiness is to known the SAVIOR
Living a life within HIS favor
Having a change in my behavior
      Happiness is the best

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