Self Condemnation - Ebunoluwa Godiya Sofolabo

watch_later Wednesday, 5 April 2017

*Self- Condemnation*

They all said words that made me think twice,
Words that made me wonder if I lived right,

I can be better I said to myself,
No more disappointments and pride,

I had to go down on my knees and cry,
Talk to the One who gave His life,
Gave His all for me to have a right,

But I couldn't bring myself to my knees,
I couldn't close my eyes,
I couldn't speak,
I couldn't pray,

No! I turned away.

That little voice in my head,
Said things only I understood

I tried to shut it out but I couldn't,
I tried to run but I couldn't,
I tried believing but I couldn't,

I started to doubt if God really loved me,
Maybe He did since He gave His all for me,

I condemned myself for doing all the things
I knew weren't right for me,

I became a shadow,
Staying behind the scenes

Then it dawned on me, Romans 8:1,
No! wait!! You don't understand!!! Haha!!!!
Check it out yourself,maybe then you will see,
That I'm guilt free, I'm innocent with no guilty stains, no condemnation and that makes me saved!

I really hope this encourages someone out there! God help us all!!

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