Worship - Ebunoluwa Godiya Sofolabo

watch_later Monday, 17 April 2017


A little something about worship!
You see, Worship is more about fellowship, companionship and relationship.
It starts with friendship before moving to a companionship then a relationship before it finally becomes a partnership.

Now listen,
Words play a vital role in worship, but Worship isn't all about words!!!

You cannot worship HIS Kingship
and still be a lost sheep!!

That's because worship gives you access to become part of the citizenship of the heavenly ship.

Better still, you don't earn the citizenship alone but also the sonship of the great KING.

You see, you actually have to submit to the leadership of the LORD whose Lordship cannot be compared to that of any god.

Consistent worship
being a warship and battleship
takes you out of hardship
and makes you become a champion in the championship of the world's struggles therefore making you a winner!!

Now that I've explained few things about this wonderful topic *Worship*....

Let's always have a heart of worship. Remain blessed

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