That Point - Shalom Woroma Wichendu

watch_later Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Have you gotten to a point
Where food for tomorrow is a discussion point?

Have you gotten to a point a point
Where people think you are greedy
When in actual sense you are needy?

Have you gotten to a point
Where the night fall brings you tear
Because it means another day is near?

Have you gotten to that point
Where things move to worse from bad
And 'nothing' was all you ever had?

Now if I ask, 'why worry?'
You will wonder if I'm crazy

Can you do anything about the situation?
Then why worry?

Can you do anything about the situation?

Why worry?
Is your GOD so unreliable

Don't you go to church and sing "HE is able"
Before you HE prepares a table
While your enemies watch like it's a cable

Now these words have disappeared into thin air
And you ask GOD "are YOU there?"

Oh how you wish all was well
But how then would you have a story to tell?
Remember when the night is darkest
It shows how bright your light shines

Don't Worry
It will only bring down your spirit

It will lift your spirit!

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