VEIL : Chapter 1 - Sunflower

watch_later Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Sunflower signifies pure thoughts. 

It symbolizes adoration and dedication.


"Anointing, Fall on me
Anointing, Fall on me
Let the Power of the HOLY GHOST fall on me..."

The music burst out of the large speakers mounted at strategic corners of the Church auditorium. It was a really large auditorium with air conditioners at almost every facet. Most people that worshipped here were wealthy and they filled up the parking lot with luxurious cars every Sunday morning.

I walked towards the Ministers corner. The seats at this area had foams. Brother Michael was seated comfortably on one of these seats, lost in thoughts. I usually went to greet him each time, when the service was over, it was like a ritual. I would always find him here because he liked to wait here for the 'Baptimal Class' after the Minister's prayer which usually held in the Pastor's office. We were very good friends who helped each other grow Psychologically, Morally and Spiritually which was most important to me. He was also very funny sometimes and knew how to keep a conversation lively. He was like the Brother I never had.
His face lit up once he saw me. I walked briskly to him as I slightly curtseyed to greet him. He was such an outstanding Youth. I had very great respect for him. His love for GOD was admirable, his benevolence, diligence and leadership qualities were other things to appreciate about him. A lot of girls came for the youth fellowship to be noticed by him.

"Brother Michael, I was deeply touched by the message you preached today. It changed my mindset, sincerely" I said sitting on one of the seats.
I was indeed blessed and I just had to appreciate him because a lot of things became clear to me and I was going to change some things about my life as a result of this message.
His lips curved with a smile, slightly showing off the dimples on his both cheeks.

"I am always humbled when GOD speaks through me. You won't understand, it amazes me too"

I nodded as he spoke. I always prayed that I could be as humble as Brother Michael.
He continued,
"Can you help me pass my Bible. It's on a seat in the front row."

I headed to the front row, using my eyes to rummage through the seats. 

I found the Bible, a moderately sized King James version Bible. Something then caught my attention, a feminine jewelry on his Bible. How would one of the Female Ministers have possible left such a treasurable jewelry on a seat. Brother Michael was probably doing her a favor by keeping it safe for her till she is able to retrieve it from him. I tried to divert my thoughts from a particular female Minister who was really clumsy. I was almost certain that it was her. I shook my head as I headed back to Brother Michael.

"I found this on your Bible. I'm guessing someone was careless today." I said with a blank expression.

"Oh yeah! Lemme have them please"

I stretched out the Bible and the jewelry to him and was about to take my seat when something surprising happened.
He got on one knee..

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