VEIL : Chapter 2 - Tulip

watch_later Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Tulip signifies a declaration of


He got on one knee.

Brother Michael was on one knee, before ME! He was holding up the jewelry I had seen on his Bible.
To say that I was perplexed is an understatement. This was breath taking.
I know we were very close and we talked about Marriage sometimes. He even liked to know the kind of Man I wanted to marry and he advised me on the qualities that are necessary for the man I must marry as a CHRISTIAN girl for my betterment. But I never really believed this would happen and so soon, in fact NOW!

"Brother Mich.."

I was cut short by HIM.

"I have watched you from both near and far. I have grown to be so fond of you. You encourage me to be a better Man. You help build my Spiritual life as Iron sharpeneth iron. You are such a sweet Lady, who impacts something good in every one around her."

I was breathless. If I were fair, my cheeks would have been deep pink right now. He had melted my heart and I felt my palms get cold. We had already started to draw the attention of people to us.

"Please, Sister Salo, will you do me the honor of being my wife?"
I didn't know if I should cry. But GOD knows I couldn't form words. I just nodded joyfully as he placed the jewelry on my finger, A Ring. 

Well played Brother Michael!

I looked up to see Mummies smiling proudly at us. Some Youths and Teenagers were there, both Male and female. I saw some watch in total shock and dismay while some smiled, saying things like,

" Aiyaa" or "Are you serious?"

I had to admit, I was shy but I was surprised that Brother Michael didn't care about the staring eyes.
Before I knew it, he pulled me into a light hug. It was weird and he couldn't help it. He only let his chest barely brush past mine, his arms enveloping my petite body.

What else did he have in store for me?

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