VEIL: Chapter 3 - Lilac

watch_later Friday, 23 February 2018

Lilac symbolizes youthful innocence and confidence.


"I am a Zonal Mummy in this church and you have to represent me well!"

My attention moved from my music book to the door through which our Zonal Mummy rushed in with her daughter, Melody. I usually came some hours earlier to Church on Bible Study days. I just liked to settle in properly, spend sometime with GOD and reflect on my life, I also went through my music book from time to time. I was in the technical room and its windows were lightly tinted so I wasn't surprised that they didn't notice my presence.

She paced angrily as her eyes shot burning glances at her daughter.

"Why do I have to represent you when you are still alive? Don't I have my own life to l..." Her daughter said while raising her voice but was cut short by her mother.

"I am tired of your constant misrepresentation. You are my daughter and you must behave accordingly!"

"I'm only human! What could I have done? How dare Mummy Ekaete embarrass me in front of everyone?"

I then understood where this was coming from. She had exchanged words with the Minister in charge of Youths, Mummy Ekaete when she tried to call her to order during the Youth meeting yesterday. Everyone wasn't surprised by Melody's outburst. She was outrightly rude to both Old and Young. But my heart had bled for her.

"Are you the only Youth in this Church? Must your name always be mentioned when there's a problem? Why can't you embrace good friends?"

Her daughter rolled her eyes as her mother spoke, fuming in anger.

"Why can't you imitate good people like Sister Salome, admired by both old and young."

Just then, my heart skipped a beat.
What did she just say?
This was unexpected. I was officially in trouble with Melody because she wasn't going to let this slide without pouring her bitterness on me. I slid down my seat a little to hide myself further. If they saw me, I couldn't even imagine what would happen.

"Stop comparing me with her! It's not even funny again. I don't like it. Everyone thinks she's perfect, and so what? Mtchewwwww"

"Keep getting angry! She just got engaged to the youngest Minister in this Ch..."

"Minister that's a mere Secondary School Teacher who also gets his wages from Carpentry. They should die in poverty." She said almost under her breath.  

She then took a deep breath, stopped for a second and walked out the door bitterly, slamming the door, in her mother's face!

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