The Chronicles of Azuka 'Episode 2' - Pat Ashinze

watch_later Thursday, 14 June 2018

Azuka looked at the time on his phone. It was seven forty-five in the morning. Like a gazelle on heat, Azuka sprang up to his feet, yawned and gave a limb stretch to kill the last blob of sleepiness that might remain in him. 

The weather was beauteous and ravishing as sparse banks of silvery white clouds adorned the blueness of the high skies. The sun, itself was fast rising as if it were in a hurry to accomplish an important task.
Heck, he was going to make a goodness out of this day but first, he must pray. No. He would be praying in his heart. He had to go to class. Eight o clock class for that matter. Professor Lukas was no latecomer. God sees the heart. God is considerate.
Azuka serves and believes in a considerate God.

By 1'o clock, classes were already over. It was indeed going to be a free day: a Friday. 

Azuka decided to walk with Fikayo, (the girl that celebrated her 21st birthday last week in class,) to the hostel. Fikayo was the razzed talk of the guy folk in the class. Azuka knew why. A good man must know things. Azuka is a good man.

Fikayo had a flat backside. And a not so great chestside too. Azuka pitied Fikayo. Puberty was not nice to her. Puberty was angry with while dishing out voluptuousness to the daughters of men.
The guy folk in the class mumbled and laughed in concealed mockery each time Fikayo passed by. Every guy clique had a way of concealing mockery.  Azuka was part of the guys.
A good man must laugh with his friends. Every good man must have friends to laugh, cry, talk and philosophise with. Azuka was a good man. Azuka is a good man.

Fikayo was not like Henrietta, the only lady in the class whose curves had enough power and might to stop men in their tracks.
But Fikayo had a great smile and a fine self-esteem voice. Her voice was also a bountiful feast for the ears.
She seemed not to worry about her curve-lessness. Fikayo was flat, yes she indeed was but that smile was her passcode. It was an harmless smile, dimpled by an harmonious dentition and spotless eyes.   Azuka liked harmless girls. A good man must like harmless things. Azuka was good. Azuka is good.

Now well, they've reached the hostel joint. Azuka bids Fikayo a good day and joyous weekend ahead. Fikayo reciprocates in a samely manner. _Good day, Zuka baba_.
Fikayo moved onwards to the female hostel. Azuka moves onwards too but tarries for a little while to take a thrifty gaze at Fikayo's backside.
_Chai, Eiyaaah!_, said Azuka to himself in an inaudible whisper.
A good man must have pity. Azuka is good.

Azuka wants guys to stop making jest of and making jokes out of things ladies cannot control.
Azuka wants the brethren to know that females don't select the size of their breasts or buttocks. They don't get to choose it. They grow and assume into the allotted construct of God's omniscient design. Azuka wants the brethren to ask for forgiveness so that they will not go to hell. Azuka wants people to stop mocking the flatness of Fikayo's buttocks and the inconspicuousness of her chest. It is because of mockeries like this that affected persons have had artificial insertions, ignoring and damning the consequences and complications that might ensue.
Azuka wants us to know that girls like Fikayo are not dry or flat.
_They are filled in places we cannot see._

The End.

Written by:
Pat Ashinze,
For the People, 2018.

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