From a Pankshin Girl to Nigeria on Independence Day

watch_later Monday, 1 October 2018

"There are days when I hate you and want to curse you...
Other times you make me laugh till my tummy hurts and I almost tear up
And then again you could get on my nerve, drive me crazy or make me want to scream...
Most times I don't want to be part of you, but I was born to be...

I hate that I didn't get to pick you, but I'm happy you chose me... 🇳🇬

I'm grateful for the chocolate you poured in my blood streams
The plain accent you gave me

For letting me share a home with the most amazing people (Igbo's, Hausa's, Yoruba's and Niger Delta's)

Thank you again for the strong and annoying hair texture... But it's the best I could ask for
I can't be less grateful for the GOOD FOOD!!!
At least that's one resource I can say is being put to use... ♥🤤

Happy Independence Day Nigerians..
I just pray we actually have the Independence some day..."
                                              With Hope,


If you ask me this is the Most beautiful thing I've seen all day!

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