Dear Earth - Mercy Oluwarinu

watch_later Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Dear earth
I have once again called
to congratulate you on a well consumed meal
Dust to dust
Ashes to ashes.

The burning flames of fire
Firing fumes of unwelcomed finality
Furthering no more the graceful lives
Of even young children
Red heat with no prior announciation
To even proclaim last wishes
To however and in however manner
Souls wish to and not to end
But no
You've eaten this meal
Grilled to the finest point
With no crumbs of hope for those unfortunate
To still pace this road of the breathing
All panting hearts
Most panting hearts
Some panting hearts
Though breathing now wish that you consume them
To spend even a millisecond to say goodbye
Take me with him
Take me with them
Take me with her
I'm left with no one
Why ?
Why earth did you succumb yourself
To the vile bile coming up to the throat
Why earth
Did you allow your soul to be fooled by the
Mistake of a fellow soul
Ignorant of the norms and culture
Morals and values
Why earth ?
Didn't you fight on our behalf
Why didn't you save us
from this catastrophe
This blazing wild fire
That has consumed us all
Both living and those in your ugly bosom
6ft beneath
Why earth didn't you plead death

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