Unconditional - Success Chimzy Chukwu

watch_later Wednesday, 6 March 2019

I've been meaning to talk to You
The timings never right.
This feeling that I get from You,
Is really hard to fight.
I know that You are watching me.
You've seen the risks I take.
Yet still I haven't realised
just what I have at stake.
How many times You've saved me.
And I just go and lie.
Promise You that I will change.
And then not even a try.
Your endless sacrifices, how
You easily forgive.
Makes me just now realize,
What a blessed life I live.
I know my words don't matter.
I need to act them out.
You really want to show me,
What livings all about.
Even tho I let You down,
You've Always seen me through.
So I want to put it in writing,
Jesus I love You!!

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